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What People Are Saying

Whether you’ve been practicing Pilates for years or are new to it, Sarah has an amazing ability to adjust to the needs of all her clients.
I have had the pleasure of taking her group classes as well as private classes, while injured and in good health. Sarah’s attention to detail in postures, modifications, and alignment made such a positive impact on the workout and my strength and practice during and after her classes.
She is incredibly gifted and strong in her modeling while explaining each pose and so knowledgeable about the body and muscles.
Whether you have the opportunity to take a group or individual class it will surely be a lasting gift for you and your practice.


Summerlynn B.

Sarah taught a Zoom Pilates class as a wellness break for an all day training we had at (my company). Her class was the perfect stretch break and she was focused on releasing stress and tension while activating core muscles for strength. It was the perfect mid day reset that was so personalized to our needs and I would highly recommend her classes!

Yvette I.

I started taking Pilates mat classes from Sarah during the pandemic. I had recently given birth and was looking for movement that allowed me to build strength, flexibility, support posture, and was gentle for my postpartum body. Sarah was extremely knowledgeable, creative, and a very great educator. She was thorough in her explanations of the different moves and created modifications based on what my body was needing at the time and continued to provide modifications as my body grew stronger.

Her classes flow seamlessly and progress in a way that is balanced. I always feel as though I’m getting a well rounded workout and Sarah has focused on the entire body.  I always leave feeling as though I’ve had a great workout and moved my body in a way that is healthy and strong.

Kyle H.


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